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In the media hullabaloo following Amazon’s announcement this month that it was buying Whole Foods Market, largely overlooked was the same-day news that Walmart was acquiring menswear e-tailer Bonobos. While Amazon did make a bigger splash with its $13.7 billion foray into organic groceries, Walmart beefed up an e-commerce stable that already includes the acquisitions of digital natives, Shoebuy, ModCloth and Moosejaw.

If you are thinking about launching an e-commerce platform this year for your online business, you'll need to consider these major platforms to help you grow that company. You need to choose a platform that has capitalized on both social commerce and mobile commerce trends.

If you haven’t been asleep for the past few years, you know that the retail landscape has been dominated by one name As the largest online retailer, what you may not know is that around half of the goods sold on Amazon are sold by third party merchants, the greater majority of those being small businesses.

The world of retail sourcing is changing as new online methods and communities for finding products are under development.

Email spam has a specific legal definition, but the best marketers know that simply passing the legal test isn’t close to enough. In the eyes of consumers, the definition of spam is arguably broader and less forgiving.

Jessica Alba's New Baby: A Start-Up

While other celebrity investors flock to the latest hot start-up, actress Jessica Alba has gone a step further: She started her own. Alba says she launched The Honest Co., an online retailer of eco-friendly baby and home products, because of her inability to track down certain items for her two kids. "There was a huge market gap, and I felt that we could offer young, modern moms what they craved," the actress tells us. Alba, who now serves as company president, invested her own money in the business (she won't comment on how much) and in March, three major venture capital firms put together a $27 million round of initial funding.