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In the media hullabaloo following Amazon’s announcement this month that it was buying Whole Foods Market, largely overlooked was the same-day news that Walmart was acquiring menswear e-tailer Bonobos. While Amazon did make a bigger splash with its $13.7 billion foray into organic groceries, Walmart beefed up an e-commerce stable that already includes the acquisitions of digital natives, Shoebuy, ModCloth and Moosejaw.

If you are thinking about launching an e-commerce platform this year for your online business, you'll need to consider these major platforms to help you grow that company. You need to choose a platform that has capitalized on both social commerce and mobile commerce trends.

After a year-long pilot, Amazon just introduced the new Dash Wand, a basically free product which is a mashup of two existing Amazon product: the Echo (or "Alexa") voice-activated assistant and speaker, and the Amazon Dash Button, a small electronic device that is branded to a particular product such as Charmin toilet paper or Cheez-It crackers or Iams pet food. Pressing the button on the Dash Button automatically orders the item, which is convenient for common repeat purchases such as toilet paper and cat food.

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is sending tremors through the entire grocery industry–and raising concerns about the fate of delivery services like Instacart, whose carrot-logo boxes are ubiquitous at the popular food chain.

After revealing the name of its soon-to-be-opened new headquarters in Silicon Valley, the iPhone maker is growing its footprint and workforce in Seattle—not far from the homes of Amazon and Microsoft.

Within the past few years, the US educational system has undoubtedly been scrutinized. Technological advancements have changed the overall landscape and it is increasingly difficult for institutions, educators and students to keep up with the changes. Many countries have started to understand the importance of education technology in this process and have designed their own specific strategies, in the hopes that their efforts will be enough to counteract the rise of unemployment and overall lack of critical career-specific technical skills within their borders.

Since founding it in 2011, I’ve run one of Israel’s largest crowdfunding platform, which has afforded me a front-row seat to thousands of fundraising efforts. Over that time, I’ve noticed that the key challenge crowdfunders face is not preparing the necessary assets (such as media, text, and perks), but rather marketing their campaigns broadly and effectively.

3 chatbots to deploy in your business

While idea of the “killer app” has turned out to be mostly hyperbole, the prediction that bots are “app killers” seems to be coming to fruition.

How A.I. will complement human ingenuity

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning are burning topics within the tech community, and while we are likely decades away from Artificial General Intelligence, deep learning technologies are charting new territories in medicine, education, and ways in which consumers can interact with brands.

Thalmic Labs, the Canada-based wearable technology company, has announced a substantial $120 million (USD) Series B funding round led by Intel Capital, the Amazon Alexa Fund, and Fidelity Investments Canada.